"Orthodox Guitar"

"Orthodox Guitar" is the third official release and at the same time the first instrumental Miltos Marathon album with Miltiadis Chalkidis compositions.

In this record, someone could easily spot once again, the genius in the compositional abilities and talent that describe Miltiadis Chalkidis distinct guitar playing ,unravelling and emerging at the very first hearing of the 6 songs included in this album.

In "Orthodox Guitar" the listener will travel to the rythms of music from Pontos, Doric sounds,Greek folk music full of elements that determined the sound of the East through the Hellenic civilisation spread there centuries ago... electricity and percussions mixed with Miltiadis Chalkidis guitar skills, along with the complicated compositions that without doubt grip, are only some of the elements that prevail and interchange in this very special album.

"Orthodox Guitar" is my first attempt to create a fully instrumental album and include on the one hand, as many Greek rooted elements and rythms as I can and on the other hand ,emphasise the presence of the guitar... aiming to particularly please my friends and listeners who want to enjoy my guitar playing a little bit more" ... says Miltiadis.

As we are accustomed to his previous albums, Miltiadis Chalkidis, is the same multi-tasking and multi-talented artist who besides composing the music...playing the guitars...the rest of the musical instruments and make the programming, choose to take on the mixing the mastering and also setup of all the production stages of this album that took place in his personal recording studio.

It is worth mentioning the fact that just before the beginning of the recording sessions Miltiadis was infected by an acute form of Epicindylitis at the right arm, forcing him to manage the recordings in this way, but that did not influence at all his positive attitude and enthusiasm that describe him when carrying through with a venture, let alone when it is related to music.

Miltiadis Chalkidis love for Greek music is well known!

Especially for the folk and traditional Greek music, which apart from the previous albums he has released through the years of his career, is also evident in "Orthodox Guitar".

"Orthodox" means devoted ...real... straightforward... traditional ... immediately recognisable.

Taking into account the semantics of this word ....and by simply adding the word guitar, there could not be a better way to explain the title choice for this album.

"Orthodox Guitar"... is a devoted, honest, straightforward and immediately recognisable guitar on hearing like the one that Miltiadis Chalkidis endows us with his playing all these years....and in this particular album they hold an honorary place....like an authentic "Orthodox Guitar" should !