The studio


Miltos Marathon personal recording studio are located in one of the most beautiful areas in the city of Larisa, in Averof.The premises of the studio were completely reconstructed in 2008, while all the technical equipment was replaced during the same year. More focus was given on the recording room and the mixing room with the use of custom made equipment,sound boxes and monitors especially designed for the particular studio by Spiros and George Loutrides. The architectural design was the work of Konstantinos Vogiatzis and Konstantinos Railis and it was realised by Tzimoulis Athanasios and Michalis Giannakopoulos. The exterior of the studio is attributed to “Kipotechniki Paremvasi”.

Miltos Marathon considers environmental consciousness as important as music… It’s worth mentioning that a great part of the materials used for its construction were recyclable and environmentally friendly, whilst the exterior of the studio comes with a garden and trees that are taken care of by us. Our future plans include the use of environmentally friendly energy resources for the autonomous operation of the studio.